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Grackle is a Louisville, KY 6-piece ensemble consisting of Steve Katsikas (Keys/Vocals), Jeff Gard (Drums/Percussion), Steve Dietrich (Bass), Myra Kean (Violin, Sax, Flute), Travis Carlisle (Cello), and Joanna Katsikas (Vocals).  The band has released two albums to date and has played nearly 50 shows in the region.  Their style of music defies easy categorization, mainly due to the unique influence of the featured string players, extended compositions, and obvious chemistry of the players.




Grackle has released two albums: Wintergarden (2017) and The Quiet Noise (2019)

Wintergarden (2017)

"A world-class debut album from an accomplished trio with a big future.  Rock, jazz, post-rock, and classical flourishes live side-by-side without conflict.  If you've wondered if there is anything unique under the sun, look no further than this astrounding entry". (Fireworks Magazine)


The Quiet Noise (2019)

"Grackle's sophomore effort is an extraordinary excursion into unique sonic space.  Strings, horns, pianos, and subtle then soaring vocals make this a release not to be missed" (Louisville Courier-Journal)



Louisville, KY, USA

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